Just Reasonable Ltd is a social enterprise run by and for disabled people.

We are specialists in disability & employment law, disability dispute resolution and empowering disabled people to reach their full potential at work.

As a social enterprise we reinvest 100% of our profit in funding research in disability law and providing free legal advice e-clinics.

Our mission is to empower disabled people to make best use of their legal rights and protections and educate employers to build inclusive workplaces.


For Employees:

  • Legal advice e-clinics

    • Neurodivergent employees

    • WIASN - academics

  • Information, support & advocacy

  • Disability impact statements & reasonable adjustment advice

  • Dispute resolution & Employment Tribunal representation

For Employers

  • Reasonable adjustment assessment, advice & implementation monitoring

  • Disability dispute resolution - impartial investigations, mediation 

  • Disability inclusion & dispute avoidance training

  • Inclusive job design & recruitment advice


  • Socio-legal disability law research

  • Indirect discrimination evidence research and compliance advice

  • Access to disability justice

  • Anticipatory reasonable adjustment needs 


Just Reasonable Ltd a registered company limited by guarantee #10366066 - No 5, BA11 2EU